Executive Principal's Welcome

Michael Whitworth

Welcome to the Wren Academy website. We know that the site is the first point of call for many people new to the Academy and a regular destination for those who work with us more closely. As a consequence we want this to be a friendly and informative site which gives visitors detailed information about Wren in an appealing,  interesting and exciting way. We also hope the site keeps you up to date with the latest news and events from the school.

Wren Academy has come a long way since the school opened to its first Year 7 in 2008.  We are now an all through school with over 1100 students aged between four and 18. The school will continue to grow as we take on new primary cohorts over the next few years. The school is proud of its successes over the last seven years.  In terms of external recognition, we have been given two outstanding Ofsted judgements and achieved highly in GCSE and A Level examinations. We have also established a national reputation for excellence in teaching and learning, developing an approach which focuses consistently on helping young people to become better learners.  Our extra-curricular provision is another aspect of Academy life we are very proud of. All students have three hours of enrichment each week as part of their core curriculum.  This helps them to build upon their learning in other lessons and to develop new skills and interests.  We want all Wren students to be confident, to feel challenged and to know that their talents are recognised and celebrated.

Whilst we feel our lessons and enrichment help to make Wren an exceptionally rewarding school to attend or to work in, perhaps the most unusual thing about the Academy is the quality of the relationships you will find here.  Students at Wren like and respect each other and value their opportunities to learn. They get on exceptionally well with staff, so adults and students work together in a productive and trusting atmosphere. Students are given a high degree of responsibility and thrive on it.  Student leadership is at the heart of our philosophy with student curriculum advisers, lesson observers and interviewers working along a more traditional student council.  We believe that Wren students are given unequalled opportunities to learn, to encounter positive life experiences and to excel.  Underpinning all of our work with students and staff is our Christian ethos which we hope permeates all aspects of our work at Wren.

I hope you already share, or will come to share, my belief that Wren is an exceptional school to attend as a student or to work in as an adult. I feel extremely privileged to be the Executive Principal and hope our website will help you to find out more about the school.

Michael Whitworth, Executive Principal

To keep up with what is happening at Wren Academy please follow the Executive Principal's Blog on this website's News section.

To keep up with what is happening at Wren Academy please follow the Executive Principal's Blog.