Welcome to Wren Academy

Wren Academy was opened in 2008. The school's progress has been rapid and our achievements remarkable. There are now close to 1400 students in the Academy with well over 250 in the Sixth Form. In September 2015, Wren became an all through school with the opening of our primary phase. We have had two outstanding Ofsted reports and have developed a reputation for an innovative and inspiring approach to teaching and learning.

We are a close and inclusive community. Wren Academy is a school where everybody matters and everyone’s talents are celebrated.  It is important to us that all children make the best progress possible, regardless of their academic ability. The social dimension to education matters as much to us as academic achievement.  We want our students to be happy, confident and secure at Wren. The relationships between staff and students, and between students themselves, are exceptional here.  Students look after each other and support one another in their learning. Our ethos, rules, tutorial and house systems are all set up to help children flourish in a disciplined yet caring environment which balances responsibilities and privileges.
Wren’s development has taught us to enjoy and make the most of the present, whilst always preparing for the future. This is a philosophy we wish to share with our students, helping them to succeed at school and making them ready for an active and rewarding adult life.
We understand how important the choice of school is for parents and children. The Wren Academy team are absolutely committed to making your child welcome and happy here and to ensuring they achieve the very best of which they are capable.
Gavin Smith, Principal


Wren Academy is a Church of England school sponsored by the London Diocesan Board for Schools and Berkhamsted School. The Academy is founded on Christian principles and is both a community school meeting needs of local residents and an Academy which serves the children of the Christian community in the area.
The Admissions Policies of the Academy seek a balance between those who come from a Christian background and those who come from other faith backgrounds or no faith background. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and faith traditions. We do, however, expect that everyone who comes to Wren Academy will be fully supportive of the school as a Christian foundation. This is in line with our aim to be a distinctive school, but also an inclusive school.


  • 13 February 14 year 12s visited New College Oxford on Saturday, as part of the Step Up programme. The day, run by current undergraduates includes sessions on Uni life, "myth-busting" about the interview process, and a 2 hour subject specific session with input from tutors Read more
  • 12 February A very exciting day at New College as we host our first ever "student-led" Open Day. Academic sessions, University life workshops, mock Freshers Fair, lunch and ice-cream! Students from = all Step Up schools!
  • 9 February Great to have with us for assembly this morning with a powerful challenge to flourish as God intends. Read more
  • 9 February Yr 7 netball team taking to the courts in the Barnet Tournament Read more
  • 9 February We are all learning how to keep ourselves safe online this week. Do you know the rules? Read more
  • 9 February Designing using emoji faces. Using the dashes that make up a straight stitch students completed their designs on paper and then using thread they wrote their names and picked their favourite faces. They made so much progress in just one hour. A joy to teach in textiles club. Read more